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We Call On Your Name

There is no one like our God. Has never been. Will never be. It's good to make that statement on a daily basis, because it helps us to focus on
the One who really matters.

We Call On Your Name chord.pdf
We Call On Your Name lead.pdf
We Call On Your Name choir.pdf

Fortress Song

The world seems more and more shaky in many ways. But it doesn't really matter what the circumstances are. The Lord is our Fortress.
Always and forever.

Fortress Song chord.pdf
Fortress Song lead.pdf
Fortress Song choir.pdf

Let Your Praises Ring

God's creation will always worship Him. If His people won't, the stones, the trees, the mountains and the seas will. So let's be eager to lift our Creator's name high.

Let Your Praises Ring chord.pdf
Let Your Praises Ring lead.pdf
Let Your Praises Ring choir.pdf


It may rain. It may thunder. The sky may be dark and the waves high. But with God by my side I don't ever have to worry. It's in the storm He really proves His love for me.

Shelter chord.pdf
Shelter lead.pdf
Shelter choir.pdf

I Come To Your Cross

Jesus is the only one who can meet the deepest of our needs. At the foot of His cross He gives us a peace we can't find anywhere else in this world. And to go there - it's never in vain. Never.

I Come To Your Cross chord.pdf
I Come To Your Cross lead.pdf
I Come To Your Cross choir.pdf


It's impossoble to imagine what it will be like - meeting Jesus in heaven, but one thing is for sure - it will be absolutely wonderful. Marvellous. Fantastic. And I will be rapturous.

Wonderful chord.pdf
Wonderful lead.pdf
Wonderful choir.pdf

Jesus, You Are

When God met Moses in the burning bush He called Himself "I Am". Even Jesus used that very same expression, when talking to people. So when my words are not enough - Jesus, You Are.

Jesus You Are chord.pdf
Jesus You Are lead.pdf
Jesus You Are choir.pdf

The Holy One

God is holy and majestic, Jesus is Saviour and King. There are the main reasons to worship. It's never about who I am, what I want or how I feel. It's all about Him - The Holy One.

The Holy One chord.pdf
The Holy One lead.pdf
The Holy One choir.pdf

"Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his
holy mountain, for the Lord our God is holy."