About Praiseland

The team
Praiseland is a worship team from Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland. We are quite a motley bunch of people with different backgrounds and occupations. Some of us are teachers, some are nurses, two are into computers and networking, and one is a speech therapist. But we share the same desire to follow Jesus, to worship Him and to help others to do the same. That's why we sing.

The vision
Our vision is to spread new worship songs around the world. For free! We have no ambition to make money on our music. We just hope that our songs would bring blessings into people's lives and help them (you) to discover how glorious, wonderful, great, powerful, forgiving, merciful, loving ... God is. Sometimes words just can't cover Him. Or never, actually.

The songs
We try to make music easy to join, 'cos worshipping isn't just for a few musicians on a stage. It's for all of us. And God loves to hear us praise Him. He doesn't care whether we sing in tune or not. To Him all worship born in our hearts is wonderful.

The downloading
You may download the sheet notes and the chord charts for free. You may also spread them for free. But we hope you won't use them in any unappropriate way. The songs are meant to lift Him high - nothing else. We won't release songs at any fast pace, maybe 2-3 a year or so, but when we do, the sheets will be downloadable immediately.


Praiseland is:

Eva-Maria Ahlskog - vocals
Annika Enfors - vocals
Tuija Holmberg - piano, vocals
Anna-Karin Johansson, vocals
Marcus Johansson - drums
Ewa-Lotte Lillas - vocals
Krister Lillas - vocals, acoustic guitars
Robert Lillrank - bass
Håkan Löfqvist - percussion
Magnus Nygård - electric guitars, vocals
Manne Tiainen - keyboards, vocals

Contact us:

c/o Krister Lillas
Tjäruvägen 119, 68550 Öja
+358-50-538 3739
We are also on Facebook.